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Travelling Holidays -
Narration: Toula Tsafos

This documentary shows the real life of the Naxos people at a wedding ceremony, see beautiful virgin beaches,
Dimitra marble temple
, natural spring waters, restaurants, monastery, mountain village near the cave of Mt. Zas, Greek singers and musicians playing the lute and violin, island dancing, winemaking, harvesting of the grapes, Florakas Taverna and Yefiraki (bridge) Cafe in the Village of Danakos and Gorgona restaurants by the sea.

Danakos is a village with natural spring waters running through the canyon to the ocean.  The farmers use this water for their year round crops. The village is close to the Fotodotis Monastery and the cave of Mt. Zas.


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Greek Island of Naxos

Greek Island Naxos

DVD Travel Vacation

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"Greek Island - Naxos"
(30 minute color video)

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MGT Films
Producer & Director:  Michael Tsafos
Narrated and Written by:  Toula Tsafos
Cameraman, Photography &
Videography:   Mike Benet
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